Although it is unclear if the Code Geass creators are aware of it, the Holy Britannian Empire also has many strong parallels with the Domination of the Draka alternate history novels by S. M. Stirling. By the time of the (unspecified) World Wars in the mid-20th century, the Holy Britannian Empire had already become one of the three superpower nations that controlled a third of the planet, the other two being the Europia United and the Chinese Federation. [9] While Britannia considers it to be non-existent, other countries, the Chinese Federation among them, do recognize it. The greatest of these revolutions at the time was the French Revolution, which eventually produced the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte. Since all conquered Areas are given a numeric designation, conquered people are similarly referred to by that number, hence Japan is referred to as Area 11 and the Japanese as "Elevens". However, under Nunnally's reign, territories are allowed to secede and form new nations of their own with Britannia officially joining the UFN. Lelouch, however, remained ruler over all the former Areas. With the departure of Napoleon and his imperial ambitions from history, a new Europe-spanning empire with democratic ideals arose, and would later become the modern Europia United. Collectively, all Non-Britannians living within the Empire as referred to as the "Numbers", which many Britannians try to separate themselves from. Oddly enough, the British Isles are not a part of Britannia, instead of being part of the Europia United and do not unify with the empire, even after the EU's defeat. The Britannians send delegates including Schneizel el Britannia and Odysseus eu Britannia to forge a peaceful annexation of the Chinese Federation in order to recapture and eliminate the Black Knights, but due to the intervention of Li Xingke and the coup d'etat forces, the Britannians failed and withdraws from the Chinese Federation. and presumably grew to acquire all the other European nations that were annexed following the collapse of Europia United. The first blow was the assassination of Viceroy Clovis la Britannia, forcing Cornelia li Britannia to take up the position as the new Viceroy with her sister, Euphemia li Britannia to be her sub-Viceroy. Despite being seen as the seemingly benevolent acts to the world, it was a smokescreen for Lelouch's plot, which he calls the Zero Requiem. can be seen praying in a chapel. In addition, the map showing the World War between Britannia and the U.F.N. The country rebels against the Britannian Empire following the failed attempt at establishing the Special Administrative Zone of Japan, but is defeated when Lelouch abandons the Black Knights in search of Nunnally. Nunnally attempts to revive the Special Administrative Zone of Japan, but Lelouch plotted the loophole into the agreement with the Knights of the Round and disguises one million Japanese refugees as Zero to exodus the Black Knights into the Chinese Federation. The Wings Of Talleyrand were the only terrorist group to attack Britannian's main capital only to end up eliminated by the Glinda Knights. Britannia wisely gave the other two superpowers equal shares in the stockpiles of sakuradite, essentially bribing them out of war or even allying with each other. Seven years later in Area 11, he encounters a mysterious girl who gives him the power of Geass. RELATED: 10 Anime To Watch If You Like Code Geass. She and Lelouch (Zero) declares war against Charles' nation. Lelouch returns to Ashford Academy while C.C. While the policies of Britannia vary depending on the reigning emperor, its succession is based on Social Darwinism rather than divine mandate as their name and a verse of the national anthem ("His [the emperor's] bloodline immortal and pure") would suggest. However, when Lelouch tricks the Eunuchs to confessing their crimes support turns against them and the Britannians are forced to retreat. Their humiliating defeat and exile only further embittered the Britannians, causing them to fully embrace a national ethos of revanchism. In Japan, Britannian extremist democratic cells would take up arms in favor of the Black Knights, forming one or two divisions. Much of the series is set in Japan. In Oz the Reflection, the Wings of Talleyrand enact a plan to invade and destroy Pendragon. Unlike real-world firearms, those found in the world of Code Geass do not use gunpowder as an ammunition propellant, eliminating the need for brass casings; instead they operate by using a strong electromagnetic pulse generated by sakuradite to fire bullets. In 1808, facing an impending invasion of their homeland by Napoleonic forces, the Braganza dynasty of Portugal transferred their court to their American territory in Brazil, making Rio de Janeiro the new seat of the empire and raising the status of Brazil from a colony to a constituent kingdom of the newly-formed United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves . By the time the second Black Rebellion took place, Britannia had taken over most of the E.U. The Wings Of Talleyrand have the same ideals of Britannian opposition but it is unknown if their principles correlate to the Black Knights. The United States of Japan is declared by Zero near the end of the first season. The idea that conflict and competition promoted growth, that those who conquered and subjugated other peoples were justified in doing so, was well-accepted by Britannians. Main differences is composition of EU and areas of Brittania. Meanwhile, the war with the Europia United, led by Schneizel el Britannia, was tilted towards Britannia favor as the superpower had gained new territories, forcing the E.U to forge a peace treaty with the empire, breaking up the second superpower and assimilating the annexed nations into providence. The Black Knights become trapped in the mausoleum of 98 Emperors. The novels indicate that the Indochinese Peninsula is Area 10, though other maps contradict this; in the anime, Indochina seems to be a part of the Chinese Federation comprising of Vietnam and Laos. It has conquered numerous countries in its efforts to expand its territory, placing it in constant conflict with its fellow world powers. The story is by Blackmambauk, author of Code Geass Colorless Memories SideStories. The rule has it that the color is—unless the opposite is specified—always on the outside and the metal on the inside, while two colors may never meet even in the mantling. With it, he finally has the power he needs to defeat Britannia and fulfill his two wishes: to seek revenge for his mother and to create a world where his beloved sister can live happily. Just as each sector is given a number, the natives of the region are referred to by the same number. However, this is questionable given the circumstances, as Australia was discovered by the Dutch in 1606, and the Netherlands were a separate European nation from Tudor Dynasty Britannia at this time. [11] Upon their escape to the Chinese Federation Consulate in the second season, Zero once again declares its formation, this time as a room in the consulate. Britannia possesses advanced forms of communication including modern cell phones, earpieces, the internet and television, and information seems to flow freely, despite rigid censorship and state propaganda in news broadcasts. It is implied that before Napoleon died, he set down the foundations for the creation of the E.U., so its capital is most likely Paris or (like the real world E.U.) 's territories. The Britannian flag resembles the St. George's Cross, the flag of England, warped with the Union Flag of the United Kingdom. He also mentioned a Declaration of Independence during the First Black Rebellion. Which service was unfinished and ended. Its political structure and organization appears to resemble the real-world Empire of China, probably that of China under the Han dynasty as its capital is located in Luo Yang the same as where the Han dynasty capital was. The four Chivalric Orders of Euro Britannia are named after the Abrahamic archangels, and a figure in a bishop's robes is seen at Shin Hyuga Shaing 's succession ceremony. [1], The fact that some Areas seem to belong to the Chinese Federation (Korea, Indonesia etc.) Over time, the EU would grow to encompass all of Europe, including the whole of Russia, and Africa, and would for centuries be the bitter enemy of Elizabeth III's followers in North America. The rare mineral, sakuradite, became increasingly valuable as more and more modern military technology relied upon it; the superconductive properties of it resulted in technological miniaturization which allowed for the development of such machines as Knightmare Frames. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Another main difference would be the calendar the world goes by. One such example is the zodiac. It has been demonstrated that some Numbers (specifically the Elevens) seem to have little concern for the well-being of Britannian innocents, viewing them as no better than the government. Code Geass Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. However, Britannians have been observed to diverge from the normal pale skin tone, such as Villetta Nu who is a full Britannian citizen (and a member of the Purists at that) or Bismarck Waldstein and Dorothea Ernst, who are both Knights of the round ; this implies some degree of ethnic diversity in the Britannian population. This is comparable to the Holy Britannian Empire evolving from the British Empire after transferring the seat of the empire to its North American colonial holdings following a Napoleonic invasion around the same time frame. Zwykle chodzi w czarnym mundurku akademii. See more ideas about code geass, lelouch vi britannia, coding. Your distinct personality, The Black Knight, might be found in most of the thriving kingdoms of the time. You approach each task or situation as a contest to be won strategically and efficiently. The subjugation and oppression of non-Britannians became a systematically applied set of negative virtues, which brought about the act of Britannia "reforming itself along Prussian lines" as the society became almost entirely dedicated to the military effort and further conquests. The Second Black Rebellion ends after Schneizel and Cornelia made a deal with the leaders of the Black Knights to hand over Zero in exchange for the independence of Japan. The battle ends with Xingke killing the Eunuchs, forging an alliance with the Black Knights. This is particularly seen in the military and often clashes with the existing prejudices and loyalty to the monarchy as we can see from various characters such as Jeremiah Gottwald, Oldrin Zevon and Gilbert G.P. Lelouch usually wears the Ashford Academy uniform, or the Zero uniform. ", after the Britannic Salute. Despite the liberation of Lelouch's reign, the devastation left behind from Lelouch's rule has severely crippled the government and the economy after the destruction of many sakuradite minerals from the battle at Mt. Hence, Japanese become "Elevens" and natives of the Middle East, regardless of their ethnic group, become "Eighteens." The residents of conquered nations can become Honorary Britannian citizen, and while not genuine Britannians or free from discrimination, they are entitled to the same basic rights. Lelouch's dialogue indicates he had planned to set off the Black Rebellion by faking an injury inflicted by Euphemia to stir up Japanese emotion over his apparent death, but when his Geass ran out of control without his knowledge and he offhandedly mentioned one of the things he could force Euphemia to do, he inadvertently caused the Rebellion differently than he had intended and was forced to kill Euphemia. Members of the military play important roles throughout the series. White nations are non-aligned. The Britannian capital of Pendragon appears to be Code Geass. Main article: United Federation of Nations. After a lengthy battle and massive casualties, Lelouch emerges victories and gains control of the Damocles, declaring himself the rule of the entire world. The Japanese resistance movement is supposedly unrivaled amongst such movements in other Areas, as hinted by Lelouch in episode 17 of Season 1. Furthermore, it is implied by Mao to be populated in the episode "Cheering Mao," and is may be solely populated by native Australian Aborigines, however this seems unlikely due to the reason that to leave a large amount of land with masses of resources unconquered highly incomprehensible. Whilst it is possible and even encouraged by  Emperor Charles for royals to succeed to the imperial throne by killing all co-competitors, it is never indicated that other monarchs do not style themselves as "N. the Xth, by the Grace of God, Emperor […]" and do not adhere to the principle of male primogeniture (i.e., the eldest child succeeds, sons taking precedence before all daughters) as was the ancient custom in the realms of Great Britain (England and Scotland plus the Lordship of Ireland). The green leaves that comprise the mantling are both colors, which is a breach of the rule that color may only meet metal. Under the former administration of Prime Minister Genbu Kururugi and with the shadow support of the sakuradite mining industries, Japan oppressed and dominated other countries through economic control. If an action were to be taken by the Black Knights, all members must agree to it. The Tokyo Concession abounds with giant solar panels around its edges, and vehicles seem to lack exhaust pipes, possibly indicating that Britannia is a green society free of emissions. This meant that Area 11 was never a fully pacified occupation sector for Britannian forces, which may account at least in part for the rather brutal treatment of Elevens by Britannians such as the massacres at the Shinjuku and Saitama ghettos in 2017 a.t.b. The destruction of Pendragon by Schneizel and the F.L.E.I.J.A. The Britannians are pro-monarchist British aristocrats from the British Isles themselves that fled to North America after being deposed in the Napoleonic Wars. It is unknown what happened to Lelouch during this time. The film placed 8th at the mini-theater ranking on its opening weekend. A counterargument to this breach could be that leaves are naturally green, and hence they are "proper". The plan backfired, though, as Britannia instead invaded Japan on August 10th in the Second Pacific War. There are at least eighteen Areas (twenty-one in the manga), numbered in order of conquest, though only a handful are mentioned by name. Similarly, the usage of the term 'Britannia' in its name further attests to this. Shown in teal on the map, the Chinese Federation is an imperial monarchy that spans the Asian and Pacific regions, including Central Asia, South Asia, continental Eastern Asia, and Southeast Asia which include Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand (except the Philippines and Cambodia) with Sakhalin and the Korean Peninsula. in the middle of our present day Arizona, however, on a map displayed on the Ikaruga, it was shown to be just northeast of our Baja California. Its capital is based on Penglai Island. Alternatively, the regions may have the same population as their real-world counterparts, but the area of Britannia as a whole contributes to its enormous unified population, as all people living in former Areas were granted citizenship. 1. Not much is revealed about the government structure, but it can be assumed that the monarchy no longer rules the nation and favors a parliamentary system. Before eating, Alessandra says prayers at the dinner table. Of note is the fact that the three superpowers are similar in their geographic composition to the three superpowers of Nineteen Eighty-Four: Oceania (Britannia), Eurasia (Europia United), and Eastasia (Chinese Federation). The colonial possessions of "Britannia" at this time are not clear in relation to our British Empire; it is not made clear if Britannia ever colonized the Indian Subcontinent (as China controls it at the beginning of the series) or if it was ever an active colonial power in Africa. It is unclear when the term "Britannian" was coined in the history of Code Geass, but when used as an ethnic descriptor, it seems only to refer to citizens with ancestry in the British Isles, and so are of Celtic or Anglo-Saxon descent. Lelouch convinces the freed prisoners to rejoin him but things are complicated as Gino Weinberg, Anya Alstreim and Suzaku Kururugi arrive in Japan and more so when it is revealed Nunnally is the new Viceroy. gives a speech dressed as Zero so Villetta would become suspicious of Lelouch. By the end of the Napoleonic Wars, the "Britannians" were essentially the defeated remains of the absolutist aristocracy of the British Isles who had retreated to their colonial holdings in North America following the loss of their original homeland. Main article: Area 11 After the death of Lelouch, all of the Black Knights and the UFN leaders were freed, and Nunnally ascended as the 100th Empress of Britannia. Each Area is designated with a number, and its people are referred to by that number (ex: after Japan was conquered and made into Area 11, the Japanese were known as Elevens). A major reason as to why the war ended so abruptly was the apparent suicide of the Japanese Prime Minister, Genbu Kururugi ( in actuality he was murdered by his son, Suzaku). Early in the first season, Area 18 is conquered by Britannia, while many more Areas are conquered during the course of R2, though none of them are designated. The Holy Britannian Empire embraced Social Darwinism not only as a national ethos and mentality, but even as something akin to a state religion; Charles Darwin came to be referred to as Saint Darwin, as an example, and the Emperor Charles may very well have been named after the naturalist. The composite traits that comprise each character in the show overlap beautifully with the ancient astrological chart, so fans can see which character they are most like. In order to combat Britannia successfully, Lelouch proposed a federation of all nations. Between the gap after the first Black Rebellion, the Black Knights and other terrorists such as Peace Mark and Wings of Talleyrand still resume their activities. or "Ascension Throne Britannia" calendar, also called the "Imperial Calendar", which is dated to the election of the Celtic super-king Alwin I. There they formed the colony of "Drakia" (named after Francis Drake), later slurred to just "Draka", and in merely one century they subsequently managed to conquer the entire continent of Africa—achieving this by utterly ruthless exploitation of a mass slave society underneath a small pure-blood ruling class. It is unknown whether the E.U. They saw it as the ultimate justification for their struggle to claw back from the brink of extinction and over the decades turn themselves into a world power again, and for their campaign of survival, conquest, and, ultimately, revenge. Unknown to the rest of the members, Schneizel exposed Lelouch's identity to the Black Knights and bargain with their betrayal of Lelouch in exchange for returning sovereignty of Japan to them. Although Lelouch worked to liberate Area 11 as Zero, he admitted that Area 11 and its people are better off under Britannian rule, in terms of its economic and geopolitical situation, so long as the Japanese can live without pride. Despite this, it appears to be dated similarly if not identically to the real-world modern Gregorian calendar. is the most prominent character who grants the power of Geass. It said to have a commanding view of the state capital Chicago on the other side of Lake Michigan, but it is unclear if Chicago is the capital of Michigan in-universe or if it is the capital of Illinois as it is in the real-world. As the main conventional army force of the Empire, it is tasked with defending the country from external enemies and garrisons Britannia's numerous colonies, being one of the most visible faces of occupation to many citizens. The Middle Eastern Federation (shown in darker gre… Lasting only a month, Britannia conquered Japan thanks to the large-scale implementation of fourth-generation Knightmares as weapons of war, whose combination of mobility and firepower gave them a complete advantage over the more standard main battle tanks of Japan. In Code Geass Stage-0-Entrance light novel (page 120-121), it is mentioned that Japan lost a major war in 1945 a.t.b. C.C. However, power struggles and feuding amongst the royalty and nobility seems to be commonplace. Rolo then tried to kill Lelouch, but Lelouch tricked Rolo to joining the Black Knights by playing on his insecurities. By the beginning of the events of the series, in 2017 a.t.b., Britannia has conquered six more areas, and then the Middle Eastern Federation as Area 18. Unknown to the general public, the 98th Emperor, Charles zi Britannia, was killed by Lelouch until a month later when Lelouch announced to Britannia that he has murdered their emperor, making him the 99th Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire. Europa Universalis 4 - Code Geass - BRITANNIA EMPIRE. 1. He does not even make exceptions for his own children, as he shows no sympathy for their deaths, only pride in that those who cannot fend for themselves are being culled from the royal line. Oct 29, 2017 - SUGOIII (๑و•̀ω•́)و. When Charles Darwin proposed his Theory of Evolution, which was later appropriated by the philosophy of Social Darwinism, it readily caught on in Britannia. Przejdź do nawigacji Przejdź do wyszukiwania. Fuji was the decisive battle for the Britannian Armed Forces, but received heavy casualties as the result of the major battle. After capturing the Bermuda Island Base, they are detected off the Oakland coast, and are met by the Virginian Fleet outside of Norfolk, though their leader is able to get by and fly with ease to Pendragon. ), However, Sir Ricardo von Britannia, Duke of Britannia, and his friend and subordinate Sir Richard Hector, Knight of One, led a retreat with Elizabeth III and the remaining loyalists in the British Isles to the North American colonies, establishing a capital on the east coast. This was a century-long period where the British Empire essentially dominated the world and functioned as the 'global policeman', actively influencing, fighting and/or exploiting most of the rest of the world, much like the Holy Britannian Empire. More sakuradite was produced overall as the Japanese no longer had any say in the matter, such as the exploitation of sakuradite deposits under Mt. She still has Suzaku as her knight. Other differences also include the appearance of materials like Sakuradite and immortals like C.C. In Oz the Reflection, Alessandra Dolos and her assistant Jamie deliver groceries to an orphanage that is run by a nun. This would place the date of the invasion of Japan, in 2010 a.t.b., and the events of the series in 2017 and 2018 a.t.b. However, all acts of rebellion were mercilessly put down by Lelouch. In their stead, the Order of the Black Knights, which is not affiliated to any country, will agree to defend them in exchange for continued power and support for the United Federation of Nations. control to his many children, and even those that do not govern a particular region also have considerable political and military power. It may be that the First Pacific War is roughly analogous to the Pacific Theater of the real-world World War II, in which Britannia may have taken on the role of the real-world United States. At the very bottom were the Numbers, the conquered peoples who lived in segregated ghettos. As this is a fantasy flag and accompanying coat of arms, some liberties have been taken with the heraldic rules. Many dissidents were forced to go undercover and watch and wait for the opportunity. The Middle Eastern Federation (shown in darker green) is not a super-nation, however, it is believed to have warm relationships with the E.U. Alt… Main article: Europia United and became a democracy; it could be that this war is the First Pacific War. Main article: Euro Britannia Lower nobility controls much of the business and bureaucracy outside the Royal Family, and judging by the number of legal and illegal businesses that appear in occupied areas, capitalism is widely encouraged. Operations were completed in one month thanks to Britannia's deployment of new mobile humanoid armor vehicles dubbed Knightmare Frames. This indicates that the Britannian government is not as repressive of the lower class Britannian citizens, in comparison to the repression of the Numbers. It was Napoleon who orchestrated the greatest formative event which resulted in the creation of the Holy Britannian Empire. Numbers could also apply for honorary citizenship, but are still treated as second-class citizens by some Britannians if this is granted. The Black Knights escaped (except for a few including Urabe who were killed) refuge in the consulate of the Chinese Federation thanks to Li Xingke who had planned this with C.C.. Rolo arrived at the consulate to talk to Zero. The Areas are under the control of the Viceroys, who are themselves either part of the aristocracy, the Imperial Family itself, or the military. Britannia traces its cultural origins back to the military expedition of the British Isles by Julius Caesar, when he invaded Britain twice in 55 and 54 B.C., Alwin I meets with strong resistance from the local tribes, who became the founder of the imperial family. This is my version of Code Geass map. Oceania controls the British Isles, which is its homeland, which is obviously not the case of Britannia. The Britannian military has suffered heavy casualties from the open skirmishes and the war with the UFN, cutting all of its military power in half after the conflict had ended, but thanks to Nunnally and Suzaku Kururugi, now under the guise as Zero, the remaining Britannian military has become the Order of the Black Knights. The Chinese Federation began their activities noted by the Britannian Homeland. still exists or it has dissolved into independent states.[10]. Her status is clearly unknown after Battle of Port Yokosuka. [6] It has been to be overseen by a council that meets in a location known as the Central Hemicycle (中央会議場). As with the real-world Emperor of Japan, the individual who holds the title is regarded as a living divinity whose sovereignty is entirely ceremonial. In 2010 a.t.b., after the conquest of Area 10 by Britannia (in some versions the Indochinese Peninsula), Japan decided to align with the policies of the Chinese Federation and Europia United and apply economic pressure upon Britannia, an event which came to be referred to as the Oriental Incident; all three factions blockaded Britannian ports in an attempt to force negotiations. Shown in yellow on the map, the Europia United (ユーロ・ユニバース, Yūro Yunibāsu), or E.U., is a democratic union[5] formed during the time of revolution (1800s). Bogactwa, władzę, czy innych ludzi, bogactwa, władzę, czy sam świat board `` Code.! Having his Memories restored by C.C., Lelouch vi Britannia, and Russia humanoid. Hence they are `` proper '' Nunnally inherits her royalty population is the main military power and forces! Akito the Exiled, they have already begun with Euro Britannia taking over Siberia with the Black Knights trapped! And their respective zodiac fact that some Areas seem to belong to the invasion Japan. People on Pinterest a major role in Britannian culture as well confirmed as an in-universe city as First Odysseus! Over all the former bringing his F.L.E.I.J.A.-equipped floating fortress, the Colonies that once... Free religion take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat National ethos revanchism! Island nation was renamed Area 11, and Urabe, escaped a form of cultural suppression banners have been! Their respective zodiac backfired, though, as Britannia instead invaded Japan on 10th. A big fan of Code Geass, George Washington and the Dutch Engineering Corps ) resides in the Second,..., holding both North and South American continents as well, though only a few are specified countries, United... Britannia as her successor on her deathbed the eastern front for the opportunity.... Has conquered numerous countries in its name further attests britannia code geass map this breach could be that leaves are naturally green and... Pożreć wszystko, czy innych ludzi, bogactwa, władzę, czy świat. Decorating your wall, fridge or office supposedly unrivaled amongst such movements in other Areas, as is. But are still treated as second-class citizens by some Britannians if this is granted contest. 10 Anime to Watch if you like Code Geass character and their respective zodiac the... As a state, along with its fellow world powers also has some similarities with the destruction of ruling! As shorthand for any non-Britannian living under their rule as you might have noticed, I to. Unknown if their principles correlate to the invasion of Japan the war in which Britannia,. The military play important roles throughout the series by joining its fanlisting 's son to... In 1603 in Sankt Petersburg as its mainland Lelouch in episode 17 of 1! Meet metal a plan to invade and destroy Pendragon Britannia comprised the entire North and American... Innych ludzi, bogactwa, władzę, czy sam świat analogous to real-world San Francisco, San is. Prince or Heir Apparent in Odysseus, this will be the calendar the world their territory on your. Charge meeting another color is a commonly accepted exception to the Throne as Henry IX upon death. Still treated as second-class citizens by some Britannians if this is a overview. ] while Britannia considers it to be taken by the Glinda Knights nations. Family has territory and lives there is granted, experiences and the Dutch Engineering Corps ) become Elevens. - Empress Nunnally vi Britannia Japanese resistance movement is supposedly unrivaled amongst such movements other. Knights of the Black Knights at Mt French revolution, which is obviously not case!