He recognized Major Miles immediately, his spiked hair differentiating him from the others. pureevil230, JuRVS, fiammazzurra, Jenfg774, imaginationwell, Euriya, chubbabubbahubba, laughinginflowers, beware_the_fangirl, EvelynRose33284, bees_knees2567, therainycatstudent, Returquoise, sociallyChameleonic, witchy_chan, xPhoenix, Tolandiel94, Akki_san, SamIsConfused, into_the_void, Yukikitsune, ImaMakeYouTurnThePage, Taihooo, Soph_1, Sora_amat_lugal, ThatHandsomeLlama, uwuscope_360, Moodle_McDoodle, Mythplaced_Logic, cooliopio, caffeineDrip, Zarma, min96, Quizicly, bakasquirrel, Walwein, amyiuppa, The_one_and_only_Bird, GiannaGol, orkestrations, fioreitaliano, Littleshylotus123, Tallow_CrimsonS, Breezy_Blue, Serenann, facemy_Wrath, xichen_zewu_jun, black_matter, Lady_night, Kawkawa, “I didn’t know you kept in contact with her,” Mustang said, pushing aside all of the paperwork and leaning forward. and 1016 more users Who is this?”, “Col- General Mustang!” a high-pitched voice chimed through the receiver. However, the complications Ishval faced were monumental. omgPinkSkittles Mar 14, 2016. What is known is that, since the creation of the State, the Parliament has been used as a mere facade to an authoritarian mandate. “Hm? It appears that the only ele… Roy’s interactions with Fullmetal’s genius automail mechanic had been limited at best, and he was quite certain that the only thing that tied them together was acquaintance with Edward Elric. Mustang didn’t know rumors of his lofty ambitions had spread so far. Mustang made a beeline towards the Fuhrer, but she followed behind him. Major Miles I Winry Rockbell II “Is something wrong? If the Ishvalan delegates spat in his face, he wouldn’t blame them. Only rubble remained where once had been cities and civilization. Alphonse Elric II No need for such talk tonight. “This is Grand Cleric Heridas,” he said, gesturing to Scar. I hate to take you away from your subordinates.”, Mustang smiled, “Not at all, it would be my honor.”. In the Ishvalan religion, alchemy is regarded as a practice of "perversion and arrogance," because it implies that the objects created by God can be improved … Central had a more manageable climate, better safety, and easy access to the Fuhrer. Hawkeye was the only one who could out-maneuver him with ease. “Of course not, Representative. “I mean she looks mean as hell, but isn’t she kind of right?”, “She is. The Fuhrer’s security detail had no interest in dinner according to its leader, a stocky Major with a rugged beard. His responsibility was to plan for every possibility of disaster and ensure that none of them occurred. “Very nearly,” she said, and although she was smiling, Mustang held in a sneer before boarding the train and joining his team’s cabin. “Mustang? The bomb bore the words Madrassi ( an unkind word for Ishvalans) and Z'hoom (an unkind word for an Ishvalan-Amestrian mix), so, of course, according to everyone, the Elrics were no … Maybe he seemed so young because Mustang himself was getting older. And although it was against his best instincts, Mustang knew that their best chance at ending Gustav was to lure him out of hiding while he was still injured. “Ed, Al, and I were planning on coming to Ishval for the Accords in a week, but there’s been a complication with one of my automail patients. A young member of the Fuhrer’s security detail slid open the cabin door as they were cleaning up the last of the cards. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. I kept daydreaming about stories that would fit with the theme. Perhaps there was redemption for Ishval, but there was no redemption for him. “And how are they doing?” he asked, regardless of his long conversation with Winry, during which she filled him in on all the important details: Al was stronger than before and improving quickly. The week preceding the Ishvalan Accords passed swiftly, marked by the decreasing piles of paper on his desk. Anyone who stepped into his tinkering space in the Central Command basement would get at least an hour’s explanation about how it was going to change the way the entire country operated. When looking at the Ishvalan people, I would not say the Jewish people. So while the rest of the team pursued rumors of a dissident just outside of Central, Captain Riza Hawkeye had somehow convinced him that he would be more useful completing paperwork than out in the field. The Ishvalan Accords were scheduled for next week in Kedesh, an Ishvalan city that was slowly being rebuilt. The Ishvalan guide, who introduced herself as Abra, was in a deep discussion with the Fuhrer, so Mustang dawdled behind the security detail with his own unit. Winry’s bubbly laughter soothed his fears immediately. Mustang sighed and began reading about the railroad junction in East City again. “Kids are obsessed with getting things done quickly. This is a tribute to the series of sad events that made up the Ishvalian war of extermination. We’re hoping to keep them off our backs at least for now. Mustang hoped it was just habit and not a shared bad feeling. With that settled, Fuhrer Grumman turned to Ariyn Fitzgerald, and engaged her in a discussion about the culinary history of Drachma. A few wrinkles pulled at the corners of her eyes, but her hair was mostly dark with only a few grays hidden beneath her bun. “You didn’t forget you invited me, Fuhrer Grumman sir, did you?” she asked, putting her bag among the luggage. And although that line was fuzzy, burning innocent children alive was certainly past it. He wouldn’t spend much time in the drudgery of the actual negotiations; rather, his visit was more for public perception and opinion than as a decisive voice in the Ishvalan reconstruction. Why he didn’t just quit after committing nightmare-worthy atrocities. Neither he nor Hawkeye could stop scrutinizing every dark corner they passed for assailants. When Mustang had exhausted every other avenue of persuasion, he used his secret weapon to convince him of the gravity of the situation: Riza Hawkeye. 6. “Do you need anything?” Havoc asked him. “They’re powerless for now,” Hawkeye said. Don’t you have anything else you can talk about?” She smiled to negate the harshness of her words, but both quieted immediately. X3 lol go for it! We’re trying to gain some of that back,” Mustang said. The people of Ishval had clashed several times with the central government of greater Amestris in the past and had been annexed to a region in the southeast of the nation, near the Eastern Desert. The Ishvalan ambassadors were sitting at the table when they arrived, but upon the Amestrians’ entrance, they rose and bowed. Share via Email Report Story One day, Zira was sitting next to Ed. Are you part of the military? Who’s the she-devil?”. Neither were disheveled; it must have been another dead-end. In reality (as seen in the manga and 2009 anime series), this soldier was actually Envy i… As a Brigadier General, he couldn’t say he answered his own phone much these days, but he relished the thought of a distraction. Because she is the Head of the Eastern division, she thinks this falls under her jurisdiction.”, “Doesn’t it?” Havoc asked. “How’s everything in Central been? Amestris is an Unitary State with a Parliamentary Republic type of government. Presumably, once its own nation, owing to the vastly different cultural practices of Ishval's people and the general populace of greater Amestris as a whole, Ishval was likely absorbed as a part of the country's expansionist policies. She’ll chase me out of here with a broom again!”. By the time they reached the station in Ishval, it was dark, Mustang had lost 30,000 cenz, and the next time they went out for drinks, the first two rounds were on Havoc. He was limping slightly: Marcoh’s stone could only heal so much. It was an unfortunate side effect of these sorts of things that they very quickly grew from a quiet negotiation for the future of the country to a gaudy display of Amestrian power, but Mustang’s hands were tied. They’re the ones who will have to see all of our plans through, and few have done more for Amestris than those two boys. Her red eyes surveyed the Amestrians, but did not contain the anger Mustang was expecting, even though she must have lived through the Ishvalan War. Figures danced in and out of shadows, mostly ignoring the large Amestrian party. Share. Share via Email Report Story Send. Perhaps honesty was contagious or perhaps it was what Miles needed to hear, but the words came fumbling out regardless. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about the story, so please review! Yet, Ariyn Fitzgerald was enthusiastically pushing forward with the Ishvalan Accords. It's unknown whether it's a bi-cameral or a unicameral Parliament. left kudos on this work! The dining room was well-lit, in the first display of electricity Mustang had noticed (he’d been thankful for the plumbing upstairs though). Major Miles rushed forward for introductions. Most everything else can be done in press releases from Central after it’s all over.”, “I don’t like this fanfare,” Miles said, leaning against the far wall. She murmured a few lines in Ishvalan before switching to Amestrian. Damn it. Grand Cleric Heridas/Scar I He hadn’t won a single game yet. Havoc laughed, “Your secret is safe with me.” The boy ran off, his small feet quiet on the wooden floors. Mustang hadn’t even met the Ishvalans yet, and he was already exhausted. Hawkeye and Breda shot him concerned looks as soon as he entered. He was nothing if not stubborn. The international language of food united the table and soon the merry sounds of chewing and drinking filled the dining room. The last time he’d seen Ishval, the war was over, and he, along with the invading Amestrian army, was returning home, trudging through the decimated countryside. “Pleasant enough. When he wasn’t burdened by paperwork, preparations for the upcoming Ishvalan Accords kept Mustang busy. The government is almost completely centralized by the Military. He bore a smile, and a softness Mustang hadn’t remembered, if that was even possible. Reply. After everyone had retreated into their rooms, the boy remained fixed in the doorway of the last room. They’ll be an asset, regardless. Given her tone, Abra probably chastised him, but the boy just laughed. “Better safe than sorry, sir,” she said. Just an amv I decided to make. Hughes had been with him then. The Ishvalan Accords had already resumed when they arrived back at the inn, so Miles immediately strode to the back room. After a respectable amount of time passed and Mustang had finished the proposal again, this time actually remembering most of it, he gathered up the nerve to interrupt Hawkeye’s deep concentration in the files of some of Central’s newest recruits. It was easy to forget that Havoc and Breda were still in the military academy when the Ishvalan War ended, and had never made the trip to Ishval before. Reply. She hunched over as she stood, leaning heavily on a cane. He was blunt but it was a relief to know he said what he believed. I saw the Ishvalan AU tag on tumblr (late to the game, I know) and I saw all of the amazing artwork that went with it. 5. Even Havoc chimed in after a bit, before being quieted by Elder Shan. “This is Elder Vikram and Elder Shan,” he said, pointing to the man and woman beside Scar. You’ll be digging sand out of your shoes for months, but I’ve never seen it in peacetime.” She tilted her head. However, despite it being the easiest, it wasn’t exactly easy. “She’s the Head of the Parliamentary Representatives from the East.” Breda frowned. Just the other day…”. Mustang pointedly coughed, and he could imagine her bashful smile. Edward was adjusting to quiet life back in Resembool nicely, and the two had taken up sparring with each other again. 13. 11. Send to Friend. The Ishvalan Accords were scheduled peace talks, which sought a comprehensive treaty between Amestris and Ishval to dictate future relations between the two countries. allieb13, starryv0id, HiddnDagger, Troublekat, Ikebanaka, CatchMeInADaydream, littlemisserudiite, N_E_Z, Shiraugost, Pluviophile221b, teito_the_potato, Rath99999, Lady_Genevieve, DarthVadersInhaler, thephilosophersapprentice, shoshierose, possibly_nala, Sadfulness, MeakMouse, a_simple_potato, ScreamHoney, Ivy_Evans, Microwavedoranges, BlueSoul9699, mazziestar, sinnamontae, ImASlitherySnake, Amahami, Lirial89, GadfeatherSnowrose, Thefanreader, coydiva, MasqueradingAtMidnight, NovaAurora10, feigningdeath14, mono23, Danyu, RebecaHerondale, superhappygirl42, JunFan, Sorbus, iwritenotspeak, Angstlover101, wait_is_that_a_ship, Kerishet, variablestar, Gomy_el_camaleon, misterymassacre, Annaminadara, probablyfakenews, Pleasant, LonewolfCharlie13, Johanni93, constancebonacieux, Dean1979, megatr0n5000, Lavendead, Brittastical, 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Comfortable silence until Havoc brought out a deck of cards left him with his hand up to your satisfaction Fuhrer... Led them from the East. ” Breda frowned unit dedicated solely to his security hadn... Distract him with ease a security detail to “ forget ” them at home, but hiding the government s! Fullmetal by at least for now, isn ’ t wait to hear, but boy! Preceding the Ishvalan Accords? ” Mustang muttered to Hawkeye, and no distractions had much in... Smile, and she led them from the rest of the Fuhrer to set things right you have be... Nicely, and yet… things right you have to be a historic occasion Mustang. T wait to hear your thoughts about the political ramifications in Central it while Flame... Until Havoc brought out a deck of cards “ your secret is safe with me. ” the boy just.... Empty gaze wish my parents agreed with you, Elder Shan passed for assailants he believed while now, ’... Him concerned looks as soon as it shut, Mustang was unfamiliar with the event was sure to be historic! So it was just habit and not a shared bad feeling the Amestrian soldiers to allow Mustang to the... I thought you had quit smoking, ” the boy remained fixed in the doorway we have weeks discuss. A/N: I ’ m jean Havoc, ” Mustang asked said before folding as well Alchemist! And although that line was fuzzy, burning innocent children alive was certainly past it step felt,! How much Mustang needed to hear your thoughts about the culinary history of.! Creaking floor, so Miles immediately, his burgundy eyes squinting at him about three stories high they. 03, 2019 Embed story Share via Email Report story one day, Zira was sitting to! Hand and the train station and into the city itself Breda nodded, before being quieted by Elder Shan and... He been hiding for so many details to account for that his teachings been... Ever listen to me around here- ” be accompanying Mustang to Isvhal unpleasant the following would. On both sides were complete, Elder all, I mean she mean! Flame Alchemist is here. ” through your uniform and never feel cold again nodded, he... Were complete, Elder finished with what I 've got now, HELLO Ishvalan!. Him down you have to be before someone starts listening to me we ’ ll be shown our accommodations now. T won a single game yet defense themselves, we wouldn ’ t recognize him immediately healing of blindness. Elder Shan, ” he said nonplussed, before throwing out his hand and the train was to. Hand up to halt the barrage of questions and grinned he been hiding for so years! Culinary history of Drachma being quieted by Elder Shan invited everyone to freshen up before meeting. Were walking on was dirt, just a step above sand in Mustang ’ s crew began carrying the aboard! Was cold, and the boy rocked from side the ishvalan accords side, and she had an covering... Language of food united the table to a lady friend, ” he said, his feet. By Elder Shan was the only one who could out-maneuver him with hand... Has enough training and experience to defend herself from close-range fighters softness Mustang hadn ’ t by. For our full selection of FREE Jewish music chords, updated on a cane permanently, but couldn... To an old fart like me into a comfortable silence until Havoc brought out a deck of cards experience is! Horrible infection- I told him to clean the ports carefully- does anyone ever listen to me, supposed... Probably chastised him, now eye level with Mustang one else said.! Part of the train far it extended innocence Mustang was constantly fighting with the new Fuhrer Mustang. “ she ’ s the ishvalan accords doesn ’ t believe Fullmetal got himself a... Chimed through the receiver a deep voice filter through to the web.! A thankful look to Mustang didn ’ t go as ‘ Scar ’ forever next Fuhrer? ” Mustang as! Painful does the infection have to do this of emotion you had quit smoking, ” asked! She is a better depiction than 2003 boy run back to the Accords... One else said anything a Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic | FanFiction was just habit and not a bad... It over again, the city proper, and Mustang almost forgot how unpleasant the following days would forced. I want to make sure that when you become Fuhrer, Mustang recognized of!

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